26 January 2010

Arab Health - Tuesday Impressions by Dan

The second day at Arab Health was busy with exploring the halls to discover who is here and who is not. It is encouraging to see Siemens with their usual mega-booth again competing with GE and Philips to see just how many of their own people they can get into their space. The good news is there seem to be plenty of potential customers standing around watching the demonstrations.

If you have been to Medica Dusseldorf, you would be comfortable at Arab Health Dubai.  Over a dozen halls spread out to allow all types of health care apparatus on display. This venue also has segregated country sections showcasing the usual OEMs from China, Turkey, France, Germany, Italy, and a small group from the USA. Iran, Brazil, and the Ukraine round out the emerging markets with reps looking for sources of equipment and supplies to meet a growing market in their own cultures.

It is interesting to see Siemens with their P10 at the show but without any special attention.  Old news for them. GE has their new VScan on display and available for demo.  New news for GE with the appropriate TV crews buzzing around. I'll be looking at more details tomorrow.

The weather here is pleasant with a high of about 80F.  Sky is hazy.  Here is a photo of the Burj in the sunset.