28 January 2010

Last Day at Arab Health Expo

This was the last day of the conference. I just got back to the hotel after dinner with several new friends from Iran and Bangladesh. Mr. J.A. Mosa is a Civil Engineer with Adnan Saffarini, Engineering Consultants based in Dubai. Mr. Q. Hasan is the Managing Director of Bangladesh Health Products, based in Dhaka. We had a wide-ranging discussion covering topics related to the economic situation in this region. The short story is that yes, most construction has slowed and many projects are on hold, not unlike the slow down we have seen in the United States. On the other hand, the general opinion is looking at the longer-term growth and upside opportunities. There is no doubt that at least in the healthcare sector, the investments will continue.

Many contacts are looking forward to meeting again at the
CMEF Conference in Shenzhen in April. See you there!